BIO: Sally Farley is a Teacher Trainer, Counsellor, Writer and Special Educational Needs (SEN) expert.She specialises in Inclusive Learning techniques and is currently researching into the qualities of a ‘good’ teacher from the dyslexic learner’s perspective. Assistive Technology and its value for supporting learners with SEN is another specialisation, and Sally has recently completed a chapter on this subject for a new book on SEN in OUP’s Into The Classroom series. She has designed and implemented teacher training courses around the world and been a plenary speaker at many international SEN conferences.

PLENARY: Creating inclusive classrooms – challenges, strategies and practical tips

Our classes are often made up of learners from diverse communities and backgrounds with a wide range of individual learning needs. Amongst them we are almost sure to encounter some with Special Educational Needs such as dyslexia and dyspraxia, social, emotional and behavioral difficulties, communication problems or physical/sensory impairment. Busy teachers often wonder how best to accommodate these learners in a mainstream class and help them to fulfil their potential.


– Using Assistive Technology to create a more inclusive classroom

– Including students with speech and language difficulties in the mainstream class

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BIO: Phil Dexter is an English language Teacher Development Adviser for the British Council. Phil’s current responsibility involves advising British Council teams and Governments on teacher development and educational reform. Phil’s special interest area is inclusive education. Phil holds an MA in English language studies and a Diploma in special educational needs.

PLENARY:Teaching to all our learners – good practice in inclusive education

In this interactive plenary we will explore ideas on current thinking on making our classrooms more inclusive supporting all learners with or without identified special educational needs. This includes working to clear learning outcomes, access and engagement, scaffolding and differentiation, multisensory approaches, focussing on the learners’ voice and inclusive assessment.

+ WORKSHOP: Supporting inclusion in the classroom through differentiated teaching and learning

Phil Dexter is sponsored by the British Council



BIO: Dr. Yasna Yilorm Barrientos is the English Language Didactics professor and Teaching Practicum supervisor of the English Major at Universidad Austral de Chile. She holds a Master in Education, TESOL concentration and a Doctorate in Pedagogical Sciences. Her research line deals with playful didactic strategies meant to develop students’ personality.

PLENARY: Inclusive EFL classrooms: a step forward towards social equity

This plenary will show the impact of playful didactic strategies on the construction of inclusive EFL classrooms, where students with a critical social situation of development can collaboratively build up cognitive, affective-motivational and behavioural domains. Examples will be provided through innovative activities and the display of theoretical and empirical evidence.

+ WORKSHOP: “Building up an inclusive EFL World through multisensory teaching material”

Yasna Yilorm is sponsored by IATEFL Chile



BIO: Alejandra is a bilingual Clinical Psychologist who specializes in children and adolescents with severe behavioral and learning difficulties. She has recently returned from a 5-year period at the highly prestigious Johns Hopkins University Bayview Medical Centre in Baltimore, USA and is currently practicing in Santiago where she carries out neuropsychological evaluations and cognitive stimulation and behavior modification therapy. She also runs parental skills and strategies workshops. Alejandra holds Diplomas from Universidad Católica and Universidad de Chile in Neuropsychology and Psychodrama respectively.

PLENARY: Clinical and neurological foundations of learning and behavioral difficulties in the classroom.

+ WORKSHOP: “Strategies to manage children with severe behavioral difficulties in the classroom”

Alejandra Toledo is sponsored by IATEFL Chile