President’s Welcome

A very warm welcome to our new, revamped website for 2018.

This year we will be holding our XV International Conference entitled “Continuing Professional Development (CPD)…a Luxury or a Necessity?”. Once again our hosts will be Universidad San Sebastián (Campus Bellavista) on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 July.

As the title of the conference suggests, we will be focusing attention on the issue of CPD for English teachers in Chile and how effective and timely CPD can be implemented in schools, universities and institutes on a sustainable basis, and if this is in fact possible. The sad reality in many cases is that CPD is considered by many teachers in Chile to be a luxury, especially due to constraints of time, workload and other commitments. What little CPD many teachers do get is often rather piecemeal and fragmented and hardly sustainable in terms of continuous development. Not a particularly encouraging reality!

We believe that it is very important that teachers, teacher educators and educational authorities in Chile have the opportunity to come together and over the two days of the conference have the opportunity to listen, discuss, learn and reflect on the CPD issue in this country and why it should be considered as a necessity rather than a luxury.

To help us better understand the key aspects of CPD in regional and international contexts we are delighted to welcome Gabriel Diaz Maggioli (Uruguay), Marie Delaney (Ireland), Nik Peachey (UK), Maria Laura Garcia (Argentina) and Martha Epperson (USA) as our international plenary speakers and Anita Flores, our seasoned national presenter. It promises many surprises I can assure you.

CPD is in fact a huge topic in its broadest spectrum, so that considered we propose to focus on three specific strands of CPD, namely; classroom management (with special attention on Special Needs demands in Chile), educational technology (including Universal Learning Design considerations) and teacher research and investigation (with a specifically chilecentrico focus enabled by RiCELT). At this time we invite proposals from teachers, teacher educators and managers aligned with these 3 strands and other aspects of CPD in the Chilean English teaching context.

As usual we are humbly grateful to all our sponsors, allies and supporters for your continuing faith in IATEFL Chile and in actively supporting the work we do. I’m delighted to be accompanied on our mission by a new committee and wish my colleagues Isabel González (Vice-President), Alejandro Naveas (Treasurer) and Pía González (Coordinator) well in this ever exciting but never easy journey of supporting English language teaching and learning in Chile.

Please do take a moment to explore our new website, we are much indebted to Liria Munita for her great work here!

Un afectuoso saludo,

Tom Connelly

President – IATEFL Chile